Localized SEO - By The Hour

Suitable for any small business budget this program starts off slow in-order to help your business grow. You set the pace by selecting a monthly budget and in-turn are allotted hours of service.

Packages start at: $99 per month for .5 hour of local SEO services monthly.  Hourly services are cut off at a maximum of 8 hours monthly for $1199 (packages offer more value beyond this point) - We can currently have 19 allotted hours available per month for hourly clients 

We work with our client each month to prioritize what can make the greatest impact at increasing site visibility / traffic to maximize the given month's hourly budget..."We gather the lowest hanging fruit first"

This service includes but is not limited to:

  • A dedicated single SEO account manager
  • on-site / off-site local standard SEO services
  • "Google My Business" listing - SEO and monthly updates
  • Optimization of directory listings
  • Creation of up to 300 developed and optimized directory links
  • Blog posts optimization of client created content*
  • Press Releases*

*All content supplied by client

*content creation is available upon request

hourly local small business seo services available

Hourly SEO Goals For Eight Month Agreement

  • Full on-site optimization of site content and meta data, refined site inner linking, image optimization, keywords and density adjusted, site speed load times reduced to acceptable levels, calls to actions implemented and tracked, analytics installed*
  • "Google My Business" info fully optimized, image optimization, review windows linked to site, review responses optimized, images optimized, google posts and specials posted to keep current and relevant.*
  • Directory listings implemented and linked to main site in the hundreds*
  • Multiple optimized blog posts drawing traffic*
  • Auto submitted sitemaps implemented
  • Simple development and integration of Social Media property assets
  • Site primed and ready for more in-depth off-site SEO work

*Amount of work completed is directly dependent on hours allotted tied to budget


veteran owned local seo business
a+ rated SEO business by the better business bureau

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Our Local Hourly SEO Service Agreements

All service agreements (both hourly and packages) are for a period of eight months initially, then upgraded to two years. We offer the initial agreement for eight months because although some changes might be immediate from our work, it takes a minimum of six to eight weeks for our services rendered to start showing up and impacting search results, with some more complicated adjustments taking up to three months to make an impact. That said, terminating an agreement sooner would not give you ample time to truly gauge the effectiveness of our services. After the initial 8 month agreement, if all is well, we then transfer clients over to a two year agreement, once we have had sufficient enough time to produce tangible / measurable results.

View an example of our service agreement - here

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