Why "Google My Business" Local SEO

For local search nothing is more important than having your "Google My Business" map listing fully optimized to show up in the Map Pack. It garners a whopping 40% of local desktop traffic, cell phones are even higher. When someone is looking for a local service provider this is where they go (see lower right photo).

Can't I Do That Myself?

Yes, you sure can but there is much more than just filling out the dashboard section correctly. There is a ranking process for "Google My Business" to always be included in the Map Pack that is far more complicated. There are many ranking factors to get on the map as shown, and even more to knock Google results down to your business being the only featured business (see photo directly below) to be shown. That is our goal, we shoot for more. With proper listing optimization paired with reviews, wording of review responses, local citations and mentions, directory listings, and much more it is possible to not only get your business solidified in the local map listing area but its also possible to have only your business show up locally (again see below). The importance of a featured listing is immense at driving local customers to your website but also to make your phone ring off the hook. Our main goal.

Why Use Your Service?

We have a tried and tested model that will quickly get you results, possibly the fastest results we get our clients out of all services provided. For 16 years we have experimented with "outside the box" local SEO methods for "Google Places", "Google My Business", "Google Map Listings", etc. Through all the name changes over the years... we now know what works, until it changes, and when it changes we will be ready and your business will continue to grow.

A Featured Business On Google's Map Search Results

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Standard 3 Pack On Google Maps

All of our SEO Packages include full optimization of the following for "Google My Business" listings

On-Site Fully Optimized:

  • Listing
  • Photo
  • Video
  • Review
  • Review Responses

Off-Site Listing Optimization

  • Local Citations
  • Up to 300 local directory listings
  • Local Mentions
  • Links
  • Review Links