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  • Veteran Owned, A+ Rated by The BBB, in business for 13 years with amazing client reviews
  • We do not make empty promises
  • We have a proven method that works and we stick to it
  • Crystal clear expectations with what is being worked on monthly and the result of that work summarized at the end of each month
  • We do not imply gimmicks in an industry chulk full of them.
  • We do not lock our clients into long expensive contracts, all we ask is for their willingness to give us a shot for 6 months to blow their minds
  • The work is done, you get your monies worth, we don’t charge you $1000 for a months worth of work only to send you a keyword report you could have pulled together yourself in 30 minutes of research and work. We give maximum bang for your buck because you aren’t locked into a contract and we want you to succeed with us so we retain you as a client
  • The difference between us and a company that charges three times as much has nothing to do with work output and everything to do with them simply charging you more for the same amount of work we do or even less
  • We don't have a team of 5 to 7 random people working an hour a month on your project to where there is no consistency to your online marketing efforts. All the work is done by one account manager every month, every aspect of your seo. We find this provides consistent messaging, seemless work flow, and more efficient results than separating the work with different specialist. Our Search Specialists are well rounded and extremely knowledgeable at applying an overall strategy to your businesses online SEO presence. This equals productivity pure and simple
  • We do not outsource. Your work is done by Americans

Get Ranked is a "White Hat" SEO Provider

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Search Engine Optimization is in Constant Change

Google makes up 72% of all search traffic that ends up on your website, for this reason we always focus our efforts on optimizing our small locally based clients for Google, by doing so, our optimization efforts are also then affective on Yahoo and Bing since they mimic googles search ranking signals.

Google is constantly updating and making changes to its search algorithms. These Algorithms determine how Google ultimately ranks small localized businesses in its search results. Because of these constant changes the development and implementation of strategic SEO efforts are an ever changing playing field. Some of Google's updates, the major ones, can drastically affect a businesses exposure online. Literally a website can have its traffic cut in half in the course of 24 hours. For that reason, its extremely important and essential that we stay ahead of those changes by employing what Google has stated as approved "best practices". By adhering to google's best practices and training our staff properly, when Google does puts out a major update or change to their local ranking algorithm our clients are only affected in a positive way.

Here at Get Ranked SEO we only employ what is considered "White Hat" SEO strategies and tactics ensuring your site's future success. Many other SEO company's gamble with their clients site's by taking "black hat SEO" short cuts, typically to try to live up to the false expectations they initially promised their customers in the beginning of contracts to trick clients into signing lengthy contracts. Don't fall for these tricks because its always just a matter of time, Google will find their cheating tactics, and your business will suffer for months and may possibly never recover from the resulting penalties Google will apply to your company's domain.

In summary, avoid SEO company's that make extravagant promises with regards to your site's future rankings or try to sign you into long contracts.

Our Local SEO Team & Training Philosophy

Constant Training & Mentoring

We are not a greedy company, we say this because all too often in this business SEO companies will sacrifice the training of their employees higher profit margins. We do not operate this way. Employees in training are not calculated as an expendable expense, they are factored into the yearly budget whether we are training an employee or not, its a non-negotiable in our business plan.

Who We Hire

We administer IQ tests and hire the best and brightest of applicants. The only must have experience is HTML coding experience. Beyond that, we train them our way, most times from scratch. For an employee to be fully trained and no longer need supervision by one of our firm's leadership mentors it takes approximately 2 years. After two years their training switches focus to more of a continuing education type approach through newsletters and occasional home work assignments to ensure our staff is staying on top of industry changes and cutting edge strategies. Looking for an amazing career? Call us.

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